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Funny Bridal Shower Games Spice it Up!


Bridal showers can get pretty boring and bland if you turn them into a ‘give your gifts and get out’ affair. Instead, if you really want to have an event that will be remembered by the bride and the guests include some funny bridal shower games to entertain your guests.

Trivia Games For Bridal Shower

A perfect way to turn a good bridal shower into a memorable one is to include trivia games. Trivia games are a great way to get everybody involved during the party.

Who Are They Questions - To begin the first game, ask the bride different questions about her and the groom before the party. Some questions include how the they met, when they met, how they got engaged, who proposed and what they both didn’t like about one another in the beginning. Guests will need to answer the questions based on what they know of the couple or speculate. Many of the answers you get are bound to crack a smile on everyone’s face.

Marriage and Relationship Questions – Another variation to “Who Are They Questions” is Marriage and Relationship Questions. Ask guests different questions about marriages and relationships. These could be anything such as how many times a week couples should be intimate or what each anniversary traditional present is, etc.

Other funny bridal shower games can involve guests’ knowledge and the things that they may have on them.

What’s In The Purse – Have guests pull out strange or unusual items from their purse. You can also ask guests if they have specific items like a diaper, a snack, a candle, a bottle of alcohol, etc. Have guests try to explain why they have the particular item in their purse. Your guests will try to come up with all kinds of logical reasons why they carry the item in their purse.

Word Association – Another game guests will love to play is called Word Association. Instead of using regular word association game words, use wedding related words and have guests write down the first word that pops into their head. For instance, you say bride; your guests may think dress. Guests will have to explain how and why their word relates to the original word.

Rhyming Game – Want a game that makes your guests think? Consider the rhyming game. The rules are very simple; your guests have to make rhymes with wedding party terms. It may not always be easy to find a rhyme for every word and this is where the fun will start. Everybody will come up with their own combination of words and unusual options, creating some of the funniest poetry you may ever hear.

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