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Games for Bachelorette Party - All The Planning Needed!


The number one part of making a bachelorette party memorable is planning the right games!  There are all kinds of games you can play, from slightly risqué to downright naughty!  With the right friends and the right attitude – and of course, these games for bachelorette party success – you’ll have a blast. 

Some game ideas require you to purchase special bachelorette party supplies – others can be made on your own.  Also, some games will be played at home, and others while out on the town.

While at home, a fun icebreaker game is to make or purchase trivia napkins.  Each napkin will have a question printed or written on it, related to the bachelorette, her husband, sex, or other fun topic.  This gets people talking and having fun – and if you are enjoying margaritas or other beverages, the game becomes even more entertaining.

You can also play “Pin the Macho on the Man,” where a naked young stud requires just one missing “limb” to be complete.  Blindfold each girl, spin her around, and send her off.  You can buy this game, complete with different-sized “limbs” or you can make your own.  The girl who gets the closest to giving the man back his manhood gets a prize.

Another example of a fun item to purchase is a scavenger hunt t-shirt, which comes with tasks the bachelorette has to do during the night.  One item on the list might be “dance with the cutest guy at the bar.” 


As she completes each challenge, the other ladies check off the box with the (included) pen.  What’s fun is that other party-ers (especially guys) will be very interested to see her shirt and what she has left to do!  If you like, you can make your own and have it screen-printed. 

But let’s not leave the other ladies out of the fun!  Another great game idea is to, early on in the night, have each girl select one or several dare cards.  These might have challenges like “get a condom from any guy,” “kiss the bartender on the cheek,” “dance with a married man,” etc.  The girl who completes all her dares first wins! 

A variation on this game is for the men at the bar:  make a board with different dares and rewards on it (like a Twister or Wheel of Fortune spinner) – for the guys to spin.  Challenges might be something like “buy me a drink,” or “tell us a dirty secret.”  Rewards might be “get a kiss from the maid of honor,” or “dance with the bride.”

Another fun idea is to make “scorecards” numbered 1-10 so all the girls can rate the men at the party.  You can rate the guy who is dancing with the bride, the flavor of the drinks you’ve been served, or the hottie that is walking by.  Consider it payback time for all the wolf whistles and stares you’ve endured over the years. 

Hope you enjoyed all the games for bachelorette party
There are all kinds of games for bachelorette party out  there – their success really only depends on your creativity and everyone’s fun and positive attitude!

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