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Getting the Bridal Shower Invitations Sent Out

One responsibility that normally falls to the maid of honor is the planning and execution of the bridal shower. If this is you, enjoy yourself and allow your imagination to run free.


One of the first steps toward getting the bridal shower invitations sent out is deciding on a theme. You should talk to the bride and get some input from her on what sort of theme she would prefer. One thing you will definitely want to do is match the theme of the invitations to the theme of the party. Do not try to reverse this order as it could lead to some very difficult juggling to pull everything together.

If the shower is to be ladies only”, make sure that you send one to each individual on the list, personally addressed to that person. For mixed company showers, you can send one invitation to the couple as long as you address to both by name. If you want the guests to bring something special to the party, this information should be included in the invitation to avoid any misunderstandings.


One key step you want to include in the invitation mailing is the RSVP card. You will want each of the guests who plans to attend to send back their RSVP card so that you can plan for the correct number of people. Unfortunately, there are some people who will forget to send their cards back, so plan for just a few more than you actually receive cards for.


Timing is important as well. The bridal shower should be held about a month before the wedding. You will want to send out your invitations three to three and half weeks before the shower. This will allow the guests ample time to make plans to attend without any conflicts and give them time to shop for some special gifts for the bride. This also allows them time to send back the RSVP cards in time for you to make appropriate plans.

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