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Out with the old and in with the new. This is the 21st century and bridal shower gifts have changed just like the brides. No longer should the bride-to-be expect kitchen appliances or vacuum cleaners or clothes irons at her bridal shower like in the past. The bridal shower has become more about celebrating the bride rather than her future family. Pamper the bride rather than her household.<

The current generation of brides will not become your typical 1950s housewives. The only small kitchen appliances they will want are espresso machines or good blenders for margarita night. Creative shower gifts just for the bride, or perhaps for the bride to share with her groom, will truly mark the occasion and add to the memory of one of the most important days of her life. The following are some creative gift ideas anyone can try:

1. Champagne Flutes:

Perfect for the wedding reception, champagne flutes can be engraved with the new couple’s  initials or left plain in classic crystal. Help the new couple toast their union in style. A great keepsake to be reused on all their future special occasions as a married couple.

2. Crystal Vase:

A subtle hint to get her new groom to keep fresh blooms in the house. A nice crystal vase begs to be kept full of only the best flowers.

3. Personalized Stationery:

What better way to celebrate this new chapter in her life than a set of stationery with her new initials? Include a nice pen engraved with her new full name, and the set will be complete.

4. Guest Wishes Mat and Frame:

A good way to recognize everyone celebrating this joyous occasion, wedding guests sign the mat with well wishes, and it can be framed for safe-keeping. A great memento for any new couple that can be reviewed on the first anniversary.

5. New Couple Cookbook:

Cooking for only two can be difficult, but a newlywed cookbook could ease the pain. The new bride might even be able to convince her new groom to do the cooking!

6. Assortment Baskets:

One of the most creative gifts you can give is a themed basket of treats. Try cookies, pasta, bath and lotion items, or a little romantic touch with champagne and a nice blanket. Fill a basket with items to please and relax the new bride and her groom.

7. Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Fill a nice box with everything the new bride will need on her big day – needle and thread, buttons, mints, hairspray, antiperspirant, hair pins, feminine care products, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, spare pantyhose, and more.

8. Restaurant Gift Certificates:

Managing a budget for two might decrease opportunities for the new couple to eat out as much as they used to. A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant can give the new couple a chance to have an oft-needed date night. Throw in some movie or theater tickets for an even better night out.

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