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Ideas for Bachelorette Party Fun


A “good” bachelorette party one that is fun, memorable, and goes off with a minimum of drama definitely requires careful consideration and planning on the part of the organizer.  You may not even realize how much you will need to keep in mind in this process. 

To help you out, here are some ideas for bachelorette party success:

The first step is to sit down with the bride and discuss the overall tone of the event does she want it outrageous and wild, sweet and quiet, or somewhere in the middle?  Is she open to going out on the town, or would she prefer to stay home?

Does she want a weekend away somewhere?  You obviously won’t get into details after all, as the organizer it’s your job to take care of that, and surprise bride and guests with your creativity but you do need these initial guidelines. 

You’ll also want to set a date (NOT the night before the ceremony), and a guest list (encourage her to invite only those who are closest to her, not absolutely every female in her life).  Also find out if hiring a stripper will end her marriage before it’s even begun. 

You do not want to be responsible for the couple having a major blowout before they begin their married lives.

Armed with this key information, you can start planning.  There are many ideas for bachelorette party themes (if you decide that you want to make it thematic, which is definitely more exciting), including poker night, sleepover, angels and devils, and retro (usually 70s, 80s, or 90s). 

Having a theme makes the whole night more special, letting the guests know what to wear, helping you decide on activities and decorations and even inspiring your music, refreshment, and favor choices!

Speaking of favors (and prizes) these are of key importance to the night.  No bachelorette party is complete without at least a few risqué games (like Pin the Macho on the Man or Carve the Cuke), and you will definitely want to have prizes on hand for the winners. 

It’s also a good idea to prepare little favor bags or simply hand out different items during the night, like penis-shaped pacifiers or colored condoms.  Just take a walk around your local novelty party supply store (or sex shoppe) and you’ll be amazed (and inspired) by what is available. 

If you’re too shy to visit in person, take a look online there are a wide variety of products and sellers that offer them.

If the group is going out on the town (and most do, for at least part of the evening), you’ll want to consider purchasing a tiara or other item to designate exactly who is the bride thereby ensuring she receives her due share of the attention! 

You may also want to have matching bachelorette entourage t-shirts made, or get everyone to dress in the same color or in costume.  This helps the group “bond” and lets all those around you know who is in the group.

There are many, many ideas for bachelorette party fun out there but these should at least help you get started on your way to having a night to remember!

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