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The Importance of Bridal Shower Invitations


A bridal shower is a time for the friends and family of the bride to come together to give the bride some gifts she may need after the wedding. More importantly, it is a time for this group of ladies to have some fun and take a break from the whole process of planning the wedding. Even though the focus is on fun, it is important to send out written invitations to the shower.

The invitations can include many details, some explicit, other implicit about the shower. Explicit details include the date and time, the location, the bride's name, and who is hosting the shower. Implicit details can be shared, such as the theme of the shower, by incorporating elements of that theme into the design of the invitations.

Along with the above details that must be laid out explicitly, it is often helpful to include a map or directions to the location of the party unless it is a popular restaurant or other popular destination that everyone should be familiar with. Even if you don't consider it necessary to proffer directions, an address is required in case some of the guests are from out of town.

Even though the theme of the party is represented in some way with the invitations, it is also a very good idea to state the theme because there are so many options that could share common features and you do not want any confusion. If guests need to bring something special, such as for a potluck shower, this needs to be written out on the invitations. You might even want the guests to wear a common color as part of the theme. This should be made known in the invitations as well.

It is always a good idea to include RSVP information in the invitations with the name and address of the hostess. This will allow her to better plan for the number of people that will be present and avoid shortages or excessive leftovers following the party. Sending out the invitations a month to five weeks before the shower usually gives guests time to receive them and RSVP while allowing them to arrange their schedules to avoid conflicts.

There are no real limits on the design characteristics of the bridal shower invitations. They should tie in to the color scheme or theme for the party. These should be chosen to reflect the interests of the bride. You could base the theme on where the honeymoon will be taken, one of the bride's favorite activities, her favorite kind of food, or almost anything else about her. The important thing is to tie everything together with the bridal shower invitations you choose.

Bridal shower invitations are a very important aspect of the bridal shower. There are a few elements to bear in mind when choosing the invitations one wishes to send out. The main thing is to remember that the bride will likely keep an invitation as a keepsake, so you want to tie everything, the theme, the color scheme for the party, and the invitations together so that everything form a coherent whole.

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