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Fun And Games For Your Bridal Shower - Article

Wedding Shower: Games To Play and Gifts to Give To Brides - Article



Because "fun" is what bridal showers are all about, we present five great acitivities.

1) How Much? Find a cute bottle or other container and fill it with candy or perhaps small items pertaining to a wedding or shower. Be sure to count the items as you put them in the container. At the shower, pass around the container and let the guests decide how many pieces they think are in it, and write it down. Whoever gets closest to the actual amount wins.

2) The Wedding Dress. Buy several rolls of toilet paper before the shower. At the shower, separate the guests into two or three groups (3 to 5 people per group). Each group should select a model to wear their wedding dress. The goal for the groups is to design a wedding dress from the toilet paper.


Feel free to create accessories as well, such as earrings, trains, wedding ring, headpieces, etc. Just remember that everything is to be made of toilet paper. When the groups have finished, the bride chooses the winning team. This event has lots of great photo potential.

3) Gift Exchange. To play this, you need ample floor space. Everyone should get in a circle, and you then place unwrapped gifts in the middle. The number of gifts should be fewer than the number of guests. Wrap the gifts in different boxes of different sizes and colors. Your gifts should range from nicer gifts (bath beads, a small picture frame) to cheap gag gifts (less than a dollar).


When you're ready to begin, set a timer for ten minutes. The first person to play is the future bride. Give her two dice and have her roll them. If she rolls doubles, she can select a prize from the middle. If not, she does nothing. Either way she then passes the dice around the circle.


Everyone keeps rolling and taking a gift when they get doubles. When the prizes are all gone, the guests then may start taking gifts from other guests if they roll doubles....or they can trade with someone else. Keep passing until the time expires. Then, everyone keeps whatever gift they have....and they open the boxes. It's a blast then seeing what gifts people fought over, especially if they wind up being the gag gifts.

4) Touchy-Feely. For this activity, use either cloth or paper bags. Find ten or twelve common household items and place them inside each bag. You then pass these items around the group to feel. Each guest is allowed 15 to 30 seconds and then they pass the bag to the next person. Each person then writes down their guesses as to the bags' contents. Whoever guessed the most correct items wins.

5) Finish the Sentence. For this game, every guest is given a piece of paper with several popular sayings started....but not finish. The guests are given five minutes to fill in the blank. The catch is they are NOT to use the correct one....Instead they should come up with their own version. For instance, for the phrase, "Variety is. . . " you would NOT put "the spice of life." Instead you might use something like "Variety is a stupid magazine."

Here are some sayings to get you started:

  1. A woman's work ...
  2. Behind every great man ...
  3. A woman's place ...
  4. A stitch in time ...
  5. When the going gets tough ...
  6. A watched pot ...
  7. If the shoe fits ...
  8. A penny saved ...
  9. Too many cooks ...
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