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Personalizing Your Bridal Shower Invitations


The bridal shower is a key event leading up to the actual wedding day. When you are planning a shower for a close friend or family member, you will want everything about the event to be memorable and unique for the bride. Personalizing your bridal shower invitations can help you accomplish this goal. You can make the invitations unique and memorable by adding photographs, fancy printing or borders, or using a unique paper. You may even decide to use a combination of these methods.

Adding a photo to the bridal shower invitations is always a good idea to personalize them. You can use a current photo of the bride, or speak to her mother and get one from when she was a little girl. A picture of the two of you together if you are hosting the shower would be ideal.

There are many ways to embellish invitations. There are several fancy borders that could be used, different and unique type fonts, embossing, foil stamping, and many other ways to change the appearance so that it is not simply a black and white piece of paper. If you know someone who has a steady hand, you might ask them to write out a copy for you using calligraphy.


A good quality printer can offer you a whole world of possibilities when it comes to embellishing the invitations and making them more unique and memorable. All you have to do is ask for some help. In many cases, they will have one or more catalogs of different types of invitations and different options that you can look through and get some really good ideas.


Using a unique paper is really very easy when dealing with bridal shower invitations. Almost everyone uses either a white, off-white, or ivory colored paper. Others use something soft and pastel in color that would almost be better associated with a baby shower. There are, however, many different options in paper from which you can choose.


Visit your local print shop or copy center. They will, of course, have all the standard paper types and weights that you would expect to see. One thing many people do not realize is that in the back room of such businesses is a large stock of various papers of all different colors and thicknesses. You could have your invitations printed on paper of literally any color in the rainbow. You could use a bright orange, hot pink, chartreuse, yellow, or any other color you could imagine.


Recycled paper may also be an option. Different recycled papers contain different amounts of post consumer content that you can choose from if you or the bride is an environmentalist or looking toward making things more green. You also have different textures of paper to choose from. There is smooth, linen, matte, and several other choices.


There are many ways to make your bridal shower invitations more memorable and unique. Adding one or more photos, embellishing them with fancy artwork or calligraphy, and choosing an out of the ordinary paper for your invitations are all ways to accomplish this goal.

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