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Planning A Bridal Shower Eight Things Hostesses Need To Remember


Planning a bridal shower is not an easy task; it is an arduous process because there is much you need to do. If you want to host a successful bridal shower, make sure you start your planning well in advance and make a list of things that you need to get done. Pre-planning will help to ensure that everything works out perfectly. Here are some quick tips on planning a bridal shower.

Guest - Proper etiquette dictates that all the guests who are invited to the wedding should be invited to the bridal shower. To make a list, consult with the bride, groom and their immediate families.

Location - Once you have finalized the guest list and have a general idea the number of guests who will be attending, you need to determine a location. Some guests may not show up but it’s always good for them to be invited anyway. People that don’t often show up are relatives and friends who live long distances away.

Games – Bridal shower games are an integral part of this party. Make sure to include some games that will make the event more entertaining. Take into consideration the ages of the people showing up that way you’re not playing adult games with children in the room. Be sure you shop for prizes while you’re planning a bridal shower so you can award the winners of these games. It is important to decide on the games before you send out the invitations.

Invitations - Try to send the invitations in advance so your guests have enough time to make arrangements or decline the invitation. Always state the RSVP date and mention any instructions for the games. For some games, you may have to ask the guests to get special items; it would be best to let them know about these in advance. Make sure to mention any special circumstances about the location like parking, directions, no smoking, etc. You should also let your guest know if children are invited to the shower.

Decoration – Bridal shower decorations should make the theme of the event. If the wedding has a specific color theme, you may want to incorporate it in the decorations. You can place a matching theme centerpiece on the table and apply other decorations including balloons, ribbons, lights, streamers, etc. around the room/venue.

Food - You will also need to decide what food you intend to serve. For instance, do you want a buffet or potluck? Don’t forget that you can also do catering. You will need to make sure that the location has all the facilities needed for catering. For example, if you intend to serve frozen desserts, make sure that the location has refrigeration facilities, utensils, trays, sink, stove, microwave etc.

Favors – Bridal shower favors let the guests know that you do appreciate their time for coming to the event. These favors can include small items such as candles, soaps; flowers, etc. You can also do homemade party favors like cookies and fudge.

Thank You Cards - The bride should send out handwritten thank you cards after the wedding to all her guests. However, if the guest list is rather lengthy, the bridal shower organizer can help her out. A great way to help the bride is to ask guests to bring a card with their names and addresses on them. This keeps the bride from missing a single person.

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