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Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower


In the mind of the bride, the shower is a prelude to the quickly approaching big day. It serves multiple purposes, all of which play a substantial part. First, the shower is a private celebration of the upcoming wedding, and the loving union the wedding day will announce publicly. It should include close friends, members of family, and anyone else she might want to involve.

Second, it is a time of indulgent happiness for the bride-to-be. Guests should focus completely on her, and give as much attention as possible. To the bride, the shower is an excuse to have people gush over the wedding details, pamper her, and shower her with gifts. Third, and most importantly, the shower is an excuse for all of the bride’s friends and family to get together and celebrate!

There are certain responsibilities that are involved in the preparation and execution of a successful bridal shower. The maid of honor is typically assumed responsible for its planning, unless otherwise expressed by the bride-to-be.


Traditionally this process excluded the bride-to-be, although today many may prefer to get involved and in some cases even take over most of the planning. It all depends on her personality, and how much control she would like to have in order to ensure that her day is a sensation. Remember, it’s only a success if the bride-to-be thinks so!

Many brides-to-be choose the location of their showers, although participation in the brainstorming process is always a good idea. There are infinite locations to choose from, depending on the personality and preference of the bride-to-be. She may want a location that is elegant and upscale, where she can be pampered and beautified, or familiar and comfortable, where family and friends can gather easily.

Talking it over, she may decide that she’d rather have a picnic-style shower in the botanical gardens, or that toasting champagne in her favorite art gallery sounds most appealing. The key is to communicate with the bride-to-be, because perhaps the most important element in the planning of the shower is finding the perfect location. Scenery is half the solution; after choosing the right location for an event, the rest of the details should fall right into place.

The shower should not be set for more than six months ahead of the wedding. It is a prelude to the big day, so setting the shower too far in advance forces guests to put all anticipation on the backburner! The point to having the shower is to revel in all the enthusiasm of an upcoming wedding, and to have the guests stay excited until the wedding!

The bridal shower may seem like an overwhelming task to the event planners, but it shouldn’t require nearly as much time or attention as the wedding itself. Appropriate background music, food, beverages, parking issues, reservations, and any other issues that may come up could require some quick alternate thinking, and having a backup plan is always a good idea.

If any details are in question, just ask the bride-to-be! There’s a good chance that she’s been looking forward to the shower as much as those planning the event, and would be the best source to go to when in doubt.


Remember, this is a day for the bride-to-be and her guests of honor to get together and just have a good time. When a successful bridal shower comes to a close, there should be two things on everyone’s mind— satisfied contentment from an event well served, and eager anticipation for the approaching big day.

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