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A bridal shower is a celebration attended by the family and friends of the bride-to-be. The shower is typically hosted and organized by the maid of honor, with the help of the bridesmaids. However, it is also common for the shower to be planned by anyone close to the bride-to-be.

Common Questions About Bridal Showers

When should a bridal shower occur?

A bridal shower should occur one or two months before the wedding.

Who should attend the shower?

A shower is for friends and family of the bride-to-be who will also be attending the wedding. It is usually up to the hostess if kids can attend. It may depend on the day and time of the shower. Often, children are part of the wedding party, and the bride-to-be may want them to be part of the wedding shower. Men don’t attend showers unless it is a couple’s shower.

Is the shower a surprise for the guest of honor?

This is up to the hostess. If it is a surprise, the hostess needs to find a day and time that is convenient for the bride and get a list of who should be attending.

Where is the right place to hold a shower?

A shower can be held anywhere that seems fit such as a restaurant, a hall, or someone’s house. The planners must make sure that the chosen location can fit all of the guests.

Who pays for the shower?

The people hosting the event should pay for the shower and plan ahead of time an affordable amount to be spent by everyone involved.

Should favors be given at the shower?

Favors are not required but they are a nice way to help guests remember the event.

What should be put on the tag of a favor?

The tags usually have the name of the bride-to-be and the date of the shower.

What types of gifts are appropriate?

Gifts are not required but it is expected that all guests will bring a gift. Typically, guests bring gifts to help the bride-to-be set up her new home with her husband. Shower attendees should spend less on shower gifts than on the wedding gift. Often the stores at which the couple is registered is included in the invitation. Guests don’t have to bring a gift from the registry, but it is a way to be sure that they give a gift they know the couple would like.

Can money and gift certificates be given as a gift?

No one should ask the guests for money, but the people organizing the shower may suggest that the couple needs money for their new home. In this case, guests may choose to give money as a gift. A gift certificate can be an appropriate gift, especially if the couple isn’t registered.

Should the bride-to-be send thank you notes?

Thank you notes should be sent out as soon as possible, and no later thank two weeks after the shower. Thank you notes should be handwritten and personal.

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