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Selecting a Theme for Bridal Shower Inviations and Party


Where it was once expected that women would have a quiet, sedate get together at one of their homes for a bridal shower, these rules do not apply anymore. Ladies are free to choose whatever theme they want for their bridal shower. Invitations should contain some element of the theme to tie them to the event and let people know what to expect. The following are just a few examples of theme ideas for bridal showers and invitations.


Hawaiian Theme


If a bride is having a summer, beach, or tropical themed wedding or planning to honeymoon in a tropical destination, you may choose to have a Hawaiian theme for the bridal shower. Suggest that the guests wear something colorful and flowery while you decorate with lots of flowers. You can present each guest with a lei when they enter. Tables can be decorated with pink table cloths and tropical foods served.

The bridal shower invitations for a Hawaiian themed shower can be tropical in nature, featuring tropical fruits or flowers. A Hula dancer can adorn the front of the invitations, etc.

Wild West Theme


If your bride likes to ride horseback or dance to country and western music, you could use a wild west theme for the shower. You could meet at a local stable and take off on a trail ride before going to a popular western dance spot or to a restaurant the serves western style foods.

One idea for the invitations to such a shower would be a cowgirl working a lariat with the words for the invitation written inside the loop or spelled out with the rope. You could also use a horse or something that depicts country dancing and music.


Cocktail Party Theme


You may want to have your shower at a local club or night spot. You can decide how formal an affair it will be. Designing the invitations to show the formality of the party is easy. You could use black paper cut in the shape of a cocktail glass and dipped in silver glitter to outline the edges with white printing to denote a very formal party or send something more humorous related to drinking cocktails if this is going to be a laid back relaxing event where you have a couple of drinks and enjoy yourselves.


The Spa Shower


What could be a better way to help the bride relax from the rigors of wedding planning than taking her to a spa for the day? Many spas offer party packages where you can all indulge yourselves and enjoy being pampered for a reasonable price per person. Invitations could be a person in a steam chamber or a masseur working on a lady’s back.


These are only a few of the many ideas that may come to mind when planning your bridal shower. Remember that you want to tie it to the wedding somehow, usually with the theme chosen. This is, however, a party and everyone is supposed to have fun.

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