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Selecting the Wording for Bridal Shower Invitations


Most brides are not very involved in planning their own bridal showers. However, whoever does the planning of the shower and orders the invitations should let the bride have some input in the wording of the invitations. The design of the invitations is also a detail that the bride may want to influence. This is because these invitations should still tie in to the wedding theme somehow to keep everything uniform.


Wording for shower invitations can consist of a poem written by you, the information needed to let people know when and where, and who the shower is for. This type of invitation is often nicer and more personal than invitations created by greeting card companies and such. If you do not have the creative talent needed to write out the invitations, or think you don’t, you could hire a professional writer to provide the cover wording and poetry if any for the invitations. Then, all you have to add is the critical information.

One thing you should take care about when wording the bridal shower invitations is whether it will be a ladies only affair for the bride or a mixed company party honoring the couple. This can be indicated with the wording of the invitation. If the invitation is generalized and asks people to a party to honor the couple, it is understood that this is a mixed wedding shower. On the other hand, inviting ladies to gather to honor the bride to be is a clear indicator that this is a ladies only event.


Another point pertaining to the wording of bridal shower invitations is that they should follow a similar pattern with the wording of the wedding invitations. This is another feature of tying all the details together into a coherent whole. The bridal shower is separate, but is considered a traditional part of the process of planning the wedding.

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