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Selecting Your Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations


One of the most critical steps involved in planning a wedding is selecting your invitations and getting them sent out. You will want to make them a match for your wedding theme. The same is true of the bridal shower. The maid of honor will want to choose invitations that match the theme of the shower, which should tie into the theme of wedding somehow.


Choosing the colors of paper and printing is an important to let your guests know what colors you have chosen for the event. You can use the same color theme as you have at the wedding and the invitations will make a great preview for the guests.

Budget is a major consideration. Invitations done by professionals can get very expensive very quickly. There are some printers that specialize in nothing but invitations that could help with the price. If the price is a problem, you can consider using a printable invitation that can be prepared on a computer and fed through a printer. For the best print quality, you want to use a laser printer on this type.


Including important issues that affect the bride is a good way to make your wedding and bridal shower invitations unique. If environmental issues are important to the bride, you may want to have the invitations printed on one of many different grades of recycled paper. If the bride has specific interests, you may want to make a reference to these interests in the invitations in a graphic sort of way.

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