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Bridal Shower Games - Simple to Prepare and Fun to Play


Your best friend is getting married and it's down to you to plan the best wedding shower ever. This is a big responsibility to say the least with lots of different problems from choosing the guest list to picking a venue. However, there's no need to worry about which bridal shower games to play because here are a few of the more fun, yet simple to prepare ones that ensue great guest participation and will make your bridal shower go with a swing.


First Kiss Game


As bridal shower games go, this is a particularly easy one to set up. As you may imagine this is all about your first kiss. Remember, not all your guests will know each other, so you need a game to start the night off well. This will do just that: Appoint a few guests to be judges and begin by asking the bride to relate the story of when her husband-to-be first kissed her. Then encourage the others to add their own first kiss story. Each one will be given a score and the one with the highest wins the game.

No Peeking!


Again, very easy to organise: All you need to have is a paper bag for each participant that is big enough to fit over the head. This might be obvious in the cold light of day, but do remember to make them paper bags and NOT plastic ones! Have the players put the bags on top of their heads so they can't see anything then ask them to remove something each round. Start with small jewellery like a bracelet or earring and progress to larger items of clothing. Clever contestants will soon take off the bags to see who else is doing all this but the more trusting will just carry on. The game will continue for as long as the players keep their bags on.


The Ice Queen Game


This one needs a little preparation but it is good to play perhaps while waiting for the food to be served. Freeze some small individual heart shaped candies into the middle of some ice cubes. Explain to the wedding shower guests that they will receive one of these cubes in a plain cup and the object is to see who can melt the ice and get to the candy first without touching the cube. You will be amazed at the ingenuity of the contestants as they think up a myriad of ways to get to that candy. The winner should get a small prize.


Dress a Bride


What could be more fitting than to design a wedding dress at a wedding shower? Only this time you'll be using toilet paper! This is a great guest participation game: Divide the guests into teams then give each one some toilet rolls. Tell them they have half an hour to choose one of their team to be the lucky bride then dress her up in their own designer toilet roll dress. At the end the real bride-to-be can choose the winner.


Needle in a Haystack Game


This is a fun game but doesn't use needles or haystacks! Take a large bowl half filled with rice and then mix about fifty safety pins into it (remember to check all the safety pins are closed beforehand). Then give each contestant 30 seconds to find as many pins as they can without tipping the rice out. The one with the most gets a small prize.


Considering all that has to be done when organising a bridal shower, it may seem that the games are only a small part but using these few fun and simple games will ensure everyone has a good time. You really can't go wrong if you try and stick to the basic wedding shower etiquette: Things like remembering to invite the groom's female family members as well as the bride's and the bride's closest friends from work as well. You'll be surprised at how a few simple games will make everyone think they've had the best bridal shower ever.

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