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Suggested Gifts for Your Bridal Shower or Wedding Shower



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Traditional showers for the bride-to-be are relics of the past. A family friend hosted a gathering of the women on the guest list where talk of honeymoons, children, sex and other such tidbits not allowed in mixed company. Amid the fancy food, silver, and cloth napkins were a myriad of gifts designed to transform the honored guest into the perfect wife.


The majority of the gifts were really gifts for the future family of the bride—blenders, food processors, irons, baking utensils—enough to encourage any potential bride to run for the nearest Starbucks, grab her laptop, and quickly download her resume.

When considering the perfect gift for a bridal shower focus on the bride herself. Be creative. Think of gifts that will help her navigate and remember this festive and often stressful rite in her life. Forget toasters and pillow cases. Instead go with gifts that reflect the bride’s taste and her unique personality. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Wine and Champagne Glasses :

That first month anniversary or first dinner in the new home deserves elegant crystal wine glasses or champagne flutes to toast a fairy-tale future.

A Vase for Just Because Flowers :

Whether classically traditional or stylishly contemporary, an empty vase stands as a reminder for those Just Because I Love You bouquets.


Snail mail stationery in these days of email, texting, and I-phones? You bet! The scarcity of handwritten letters and notes increases their value in our face-paced world. Linen or cotton stationary with monograms or the new address will be a welcome addition to the bride’s new home office.

Signed Photo and Frame :

Use a favorite photo of the bride and groom or gather photos family and friend and design your
own collage using your PC and quality photo paper. Leave enough room for the shower guests to sign. Provide a nice pen and be sure to frame this reminder of love and support in time for the wedding.

A Cookbook for Two :

Those days of pizza and fast food are over. Cooking for two can be a challenge even for those who have ventured in to more gourmet endeavors. A tried and true cookbook with lots of pictures and easy instructions will fill the bill on those days when a special meal or a fire-side dessert is in order. Personalize the book with a note from you, a couple of your own favorite recipes and any websites that are particularly helpful.

A Basket Brimming with Your Creativity:

Here is an idea sure to ignite that creative genius inside you and make giving this gift as much fun as receiving it:

  • Romantic Italian Dinner at Home: Fill a pasta strainer with noodles, sauce, and a bottle of wine. Throw in two red and white napkins and quality Parmesan cheese.
  • Appease the Cookie Monster! Give her all the fixings to make him the best chocolate chip cookies ever—not including his mother’s! Non-stick cookie sheet, name-brand chocolate chips  and a cookbook filled with lots of tempting cookie recipes.
  • Restful Summer Day Picnic Basket. Add a logo blanket, perhaps their favorite sports team or alma mater, to a picnic basket. Toss in a bottle of wine and a couple of crystal stems and you’re a gift giving star in your own right.

Wedding Day CARE Package:

Wedding days are particularly susceptible to Murphy’s Law. Help her survive the unexpected. Think emergency here—needle, thread, glue, tape, tampons, bobby pins—and don’t forget a box of Kleenex—or maybe two. Just for fun, throw in some Duct tape for groom!

These are just a few suggestions that almost any bride will love.

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