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Suggested Themes for Your Bridal Shower



Looking for the perfect theme for your upcoming bridal shower? Here are a few suggestions that have proven to be quite successful.

Kitchen Shower:

Marriage begins in the bedroom (more on that) later, but the kitchen is the heart of the home. Collaborate creatively; if the couple has been together, they probably have most of the basics. If not, cover all the bases: a carving board, sifter, ice cream scoop, salad washer, a good pair of tongs, spatula and so on.

If they have been together, think about more specialized but useful tools, such as a mandolin slicer, egg separator, won ton press – things they can have fun with cooking together. Have an apron for each guest and ask everyone to bring a favorite fancy recipe. It used to be said “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but today couples are as likely to cook together and you can provide them lots of kitchen fun.

Lingerie Shower:

The classic shower, as much (maybe more) for him as for her. Think Victoria’s Secret more than Fredericks of Hollywood, which is to say, silk pajamas, teddies, silk lingerie bags, with a sachet, for travel. But be sure to include one outrageous item – a miniscule thong, g-string, push-up bra, garter belt – that sort of thing. She’ll laugh, but he’ll thank you.

Hardware Shower:

We know, it sounds like a bachelor party, and it’s the opposite end of the spectrum from the Lingerie Shower. But if she’s a practical gal, practical gifts will be appreciated – and used. Try Renaissance Hardware, if there’s one around, but any big box store will have hundreds of items that will get used. Small hand tools – stay away from power tools; men are funny about those – sets of picture-hangers, boxes of assorted nails, nuts and bolts, wire cutters, whatever you find you use around your house. But make each gift attractive, in a bridal shower way, with silk bows and fancy paper. You’ll be surprised how much hardware will be appreciated.

Stock the Bar:

For the right couple, put together an elegant home bar. Start with a martini shaker, wacky shot glass and stemware. But don’t over look fun items, like the small tool for fishing olives out of the jar, a small cutting board, a wine rack, various sorts of cocktail bitters, a selection of obscure vermouths and stuffed olives – with everything from anchovies and almonds to red peppers and onions. A crystal decanter – expensive – will become a life-long keepsake and makes a wonderful gift from two or three of the guests.

Cookie Shower:

If she’s more macaroon than Manhattan, a cookie shower can be fun, especially mid-day or even in the morning. Have each guest prepare a batch of her favorite cookie dough and bring it on a cookie sheet ready to go into the oven. Collect all the recipes and bind them into a personal cookie cook book. Ask each guest to bring a tool for making cookies – large stainless mixing bowl, hand mixer, spatula – and don’t forget a whimsical cookie jar or two. Bake the various batches of cookies and serve right from the oven with different flavored coffees.

These are just a few suggestions to get shower planners started. We’ll have ideas for other themes, from quilts to tea cups, available soon, along with a selection of great games for couples’ showers, fun with video cameras and international themes, so check in with us often!

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