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The Funny Side of Shower Invitations



The Importance of Bridal Shower Invitations - Article


She's getting married--but first, let's laugh a bit.

There is no better way to start a marriage off right than with a fun filled and light hearted bridal shower. Everyone knows how awkward it can be when two families are forced to meld together in a perfect medley; but with a few breezy, jovial quips, you may just be able to ease everyone’s fears and make sure everyone has a great time. The invitation is the first opportunity you have to set the mood and the stage for a great first meeting of the two families. So before you book the caterer, incorporate some of these quirky tips in your shower invitation.

The most important thing is to create an upbeat and cheerful environment. So when you begin to plan your favorite bride’s bridal shower make sure to include all the usual significant details: location, date, time, reason, etc. Be sure that you include any contact information in your bridal shower invitations so that those not able to attend can notify you and so that you can acquire an accurate head count of those who do plan to be present.

After all the mundane details are taken care of and properly arranged, include a witty saying so that your guests will feel at ease and set the mood for a great party. You can be as silly as you want and your guests will be thrilled and excited to attend this bridal shower. This one is sure to please your guests.

“With one hand holding his heart,

He asked ‘Maya, will you be my forever?’

And since her answer was yes,

This bridal shower must be the best!”

If cutesy isn’t the way the bride would typically behave, you can surprise your guests by spicing up the invitation a bit. Start by designing the card to be quite dainty and girly on the outside; include as much pink lace and jewels as you can handle. While the outside resembles a princess theme, the inside will boast a sultry, mischievous poem. Depending on the bride, these antidotes can be as bad or as good as you like. The one below is sure to show your guests that this is sure to be a bridal shower like they have never experienced before.

“Since they met at a park

And kissed until it grew dark

Her bridal shower has to be done right –

Long and intense all night!”

It doesn’t matter what you write in your invitation as long as it is enticing to your guests. Your goal is to persuade everyone who is invited to come have a great time and share in the incredible evening that you have planned. The invitation is the doorway into the bridal shower so the card is pertinent in establishing a relaxed atmosphere that both family and friends will be able to enjoy.

By including these delightful rhymes in your invitation; you are sure to have your guests smiling, if not laughing hysterically. The bride will appreciate your enthusiasm for her special day and will be sure to keep the invitation as a symbol of your effort and enthusiasm that you put into her bridal shower.

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