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The Jack & Jill Bridal Shower


Weddings aren't always the same boring, traditional style you might remember. More and more couples are mixing in their own expressions of individuality with unusual theme weddings, even incorporating the occasional motorcycle. More recently, this bizarre wedding fare has spilled over into the bridal shower as well.

For one thing, the old-fashioned bridal shower is becoming less common; no longer is it only for brides. Co-ed showers, or "Jack & Jill Showers," as they've come to be called, are all the rage these days. These are showers that are thrown for the couple together. Often the Jack & Jill Shower is as simple as a barbecue in the backyard or even a weekend backyard.

In other cases, those planning the event have gone so far as to charter a yacht. Some have built it around a common theme (such as Star Wars or horses or a favorite musician). You could use a local beach or park or even something as unusual as a bowling alley or baseball park for your Jack & Jill Shower.

At a Jack & Jill, don't expect to play the traditional bridal shower games such as the toilet-paper-wedding-dress. After all, the guys get a say-so in the day's entertainment. You should include something that he'll also like, such as softball or volleyball. Or the true sorts lover could have an Olympics-themed shower, with scheduled sports events (nothing too strenuous) throughout the shower.


Another great idea is to have a casino-style shower, with several tables of casino games. There's really no end to the ideas you could incorporate; just remember that the idea is you want to allow both men and women at the party to enjoy the event. That's the whole point of going co-ed.

Since a Jack & Jill involves males and females, when you're planning the shower, keep the groom and the bride both in mind. You might consider registering at a local golf-pro shop or at a hardware store or home-improvement store, just to make sure that the gifts are balanced between both.


To help your guests from having to guess, some are now throwing a "stock the bar" part, which the guests are asked to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages. As an alternative, you could use a media or electronics theme and ask the guests to bring DVD or CD gifts, or perhaps an accessory for a gadget that you know the couple owns.

Since so many people, male and female, are enjoying sports today, you might also load up the couple on sports gifts such as team memorabilia, matching apparel, or even event tickets.

If you know the couple loves vacationing, create a honeymoon shower and fill it with luggage and other travel-related gifts. These are just a few ideas. The key is to find out about the couples interests and then get creative. Not only will the couple remember their Jack & Jill shower for the rest of their lives, but the guests probably will too!

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