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The Office Bridal Shower


Marriage is an important milestone in anyone’s life, and is celebrated amongst friend and family members, but can it also be taken to the office setting? With diligent planning and eager colleagues, of course it can.


The events surrounding such an occasion as a bridal shower does not have to be excluded from the workplace: the enthusiasm for your happiness is mutual, the energy level is just as high, and most importantly, the planning that revolves around such an affair is generally parallel to what one would face outside of the office.

The event coordinator is the person responsible for the majority of the planning of a bridal shower, and does not differ in this case. For the most part, the person who is determined to undertake this specific role is usually someone familiar with the star of the show: the up and coming bride.


There are some steps one must take in order to undergo a successful bridal shower and the main thing is approval of the event from the head official, or boss. After that, there’s the task of choosing a specific day and an appropriate time for the shower to take place. The rest of the planning is simple and can be addressed in a few simple steps:


The Guests


Who is to be invited to such an event is determined by the size of your workplace. In theory, for such a special occasion, you would love to have everyone celebrate such a joyous event, but this is only possible if you work in a small, intimate environment. When dealing with a large corporation or office, it is best to limit the number of workers, and invite people who you are familiar with or a smaller branch of the department…generally who you would appreciate the most for attending.


The Invitation


Usually, one would assume that they would have to go through the extra length of buying elaborate invitations printed on expensive paper, but in the office, that isn’t mandatory. Since you see these people everyday, it is more than appropriate to extend an invitation to guests by electronic mail or simply approaching them.


The Location


Where the event is to take place, once again, varies on the general environment. If the workspace is small, the bridal shower can easily take place right in the office. However, if there is a distinguishable area that can be used, do not hesitate to hold it there.


In addition, the setting can also extend further than the realm of the office. At everyone’s lunch break, it can be arranged for everyone to meet up at a restaurant not too far from the workplace. The only precaution to take though, is to make sure that you call in advance to let them know how many are attending and when.


The Duration


Time is very important when dealing with a workplace. If the bridal shower is to be celebrated during business hours, please be mindful that the event usually should not exceed more than an hour. However, to avoid such a limited time frame, the bridal shower can be scheduled to take place after work is done for the day.




Sometimes a simple cake is appropriate, but there are many different ways to handle such a situation. If a full lunch is desired, the best method is to have a buffet. You could have a potluck where each person is expected to contribute to the menu, but it is efficient if you make sure before the expected day what everyone is bringing to keep the menu diverse: you don’t want everyone to show up bringing forks or just macaroni and cheese.

Some of the best selections are sandwiches and assorted fruit platters, however if the star of the show has a specific food she enjoys, you can have this as the theme of the food. If this calls for too much coordination, colleagues often put in money to have food from restaurants sent to the office. Most importantly, make sure that there is enough plates and silverware to go around, and keep in mind no matter what you plan, it is never appropriate to serve alcohol.


The Decorations


Technically, decorations are never really necessary, but they bring a vital piece to the celebration: atmosphere. If you decide to opt for this, party gear such as floral decoration, colorful balloons and streamers are efficient, and the best choice for setting and cleaning up.


The Gifts


The most common method for giving gifts in the office, once again is everyone pitching in to buy one or more items. It is the job of the event coordinator to find an appropriate gift either by asking or using discretion. One of the simplest and less complicated ideas is the purchase of a gift card.


The Favors


Favors are a fun and entertaining way to thank people for attending, but like decorations, it is never mandatory. Favors can be bought at local party stores, or you can recruit the help of a skilled colleague to make them for you.


These are mostly of the elements that are needed to make a bridal shower in the workplace a success. Compared to other events, they can be relatively simple, but if further explanation is needed, please feel free to browse this site’s additional related pages.

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