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The Role of the Maid of Honor



It’s your wedding day; and who do you turn to make sure that your nerves and your wedding dress is at the church on time? That’s the job of your maid of honor. The one thing you need in planning your wedding is someone who understands your concerns and gives you practical advice.

On your most important day your stress level will naturally be elevated higher than you ever thought possible. This is an event you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. . Whether the dream was a Cinderella princess bride or a classic chic modern girl, detailed planning is critical to the success of your wedding day. Trying to take care of every detail yourself is totally impossible; learning to delegate to your maid of honor will be important to making your vision come true. Don’t be afraid to kick back and let your friend take some of the planning into her capable hands.

As your of maid of honor, she is responsible for hosting your bridal shower and bachelorette party. Whether she chooses an intimate spa weekend or a wild night out, the events need to reflect your tastes and expectations, so the maid of honor really has to be in tune with her friend. She needs to be supportive of all the changes that will occur in the planning stage and the slip ups that may happen on the wedding day.


There will be shopping excursions where you will definitely need her support in selecting colors, dresses, invitations, party favors and so much more. Your husband to be may be asked to join in these decisions, but remember, your wedding day is something you have been planning since you were a little girl. It is the one event in your life that revolves solely around you.

The wedding day is definitely your day, but also a very busy one for your maid of honor. Of course the most important task she will have will be to walk down the aisle and stand by her best friend, but more importantly she is there to keep you calm and handle any problems that might pop up.


Very few weddings go exactly as planned and your maid of honor needs to be the friend who sees you through it all. She should be equipped with emergency supplies like pins, tissues, hair products, and extra stockings. You never know what might happen during the wedding or the reception.

One thing you need more than anything else at this most important time in your life is a good friend who understands your concerns and gives you practical advice that you can trust. Your wedding day can be overwhelming; after all it is the beginning of a new season in your life. Choose your maid of honor wisely so she is able help you to turn your dream wedding into a beautiful reality. Sharing responsibilities with her will give you more available time to enjoy everything that planning your wedding should be.

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