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Unique Bridal Shower Games Three Favorites You Will Love


If you are hosting a bridal shower party, you need to make sure that it’s a fun affair that people won’t forget for sometime. The best way to make your party a happening affair is to use unique bridal shower games. A bridal shower represents the first step of the bride’s life towards her new life filled with joy, hope and dreams; make sure that this first step is a memorable one. Here are three memorably unique bridal shower games, which are sure to spice things up at your next shower party.

Three Unique Bridal Shower Games To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Beautiful Gown Contest - To play this game, you need to separate your guests into three or four teams. Each team will receive some toilet paper and scotch tape. The team will need to choose a model and design her a wedding dress using the materials on hand. They can get as creative as they want, even designing toilet paper jewelry. Set the timer for 10 minutes. The team with the best and most creative gown wins a prize.

The Memory Tray - This is another unique bridal shower game that can liven up the party. The game is very easy to play. The hostess will have to assemble a number of different things related to the wedding on a tray. To start the game, she will need to walk into the room and display the contents of the tray to everybody.


She will then take the tray out and the guests have to write down the names of the items they saw. The guest who gets the most number of items right will be the winner of the game. Give your guests a time limit of no more than five minutes and make sure to have at least 15 items on the tray, more if you want to make it interesting.

Wedding Night Treats - This game is similar to mad libs and is another one of the unique bridal shower games you can play. To play the game, you will need to prepare copies of a story that dictates what the wedding night will be like for the bride and the groom. There will be several blanks in the story that the guest will need to fill in. They can only use names of candy bars to fill the blanks. The timer should be set to 10 minutes, after which guests will need to read their paragraph aloud. This game can bring about some hilarious results, which are then given to the bride.

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