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Unusual Bridal Shower Themes


If you're the Maid of Honor then it's down to you to plan the wedding shower. You want to make this celebration one which the bride will remember for years to come but this means it will have to be something special and perhaps a little unusual.

When thinking about bridal shower themes there are a couple of factors that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, try not to be too outlandish as this could mean a hike in the overall cost and also remember who you have invited - the guests will most probably be the mother, aunts and possibly even the grandmothers of both the bride and groom so don't plan anything too outrageous as extremes are more likely to offend.

The following are a few ideas that will make unusual yet memorable bridal shower themes:

Spa Themed Bridal Shower

This is one of the more relaxing and pampering bridal shower themes. Organize a trip to your local spa and make appointments for each guest to have a calm and soothing day. You can all enjoy facials, manicures and pedicures as a group and everyone will feel far more relaxed.


There is also the option of holding a spa bridal shower at home where spa professionals come to your house and give the guests their five star treatment without you even having to step outside your front door. The upside to this second option is that you could afford to invite more people to the shower.


Food could be in keeping with the spa theme and be more of a healthy type such as fruit salads and perhaps you could introduce a sort of holiday feel by serving a few cocktails to sip while you enjoy having your hair and nails done.


Normal bridal shower etiquette should still be observed with guests bringing gifts or a nice idea would be for the guests to club together to give the bride a full spa membership so she can continue to be pampered long after the wedding.

Scrapbook Bridal Shower Theme

This unusual wedding shower theme has the dual purpose of being a celebration to show your love for the bride and a physical way to create some lasting memories she can store for the future.
The shower itself will involve creating some special scrapbooks pages on the relationship between each individual guest and the bride.


The shower will create a lasting testament to the bride's life so far - the book will contain precious memories, inserts from guests and photos for the bride to keep. You could also have a blank page at the back for guests to sign and add their own personal message for the newly weds at the end of the shower.

This kind of bridal shower will guarantee fun, entertainment and even a certain amount of silliness before the night is out and what's more, the bride will have a treasure she can keep forever.

Recipe Bridal Shower Theme


This is one of those bridal shower themes that are fun yet functional as well. A recipe bridal shower will make sure the bride will know how to cook for two or will be able to add to her husband's repertoire of usual recipes. As cooking is the theme of the shower, the guests should bring anything that can be used in a kitchen (or perhaps a barbeque!).


As well as a cooking utensil/gadget type of gift, everyone could also contribute a recipe and the ingredients that won't go off so the bride will have most of the basic items for creating wonderful meals when she's married.


Unusual bridal shower themes can enliven and add an extra dimension to your celebration. Think of something that will catch the bride's interest such as a theme connected with a favorite pastime and give her one of the most memorable wedding showers she could ever imagine.

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