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Wedding Shower: Games To Play and Gifts to Give To Brides


A wedding shower is one of the happiest times in a woman's life. After all, she is getting married to the man she loves. A wedding shower is a way to celebrate that commitment with friends and loved ones. There is so much work that goes into a wedding shower.


One aspect of the wedding shower is playing games that are sure to grab guests' attention. Many games can become gifts for the bride-to-be. As a host, it's up to you decide what games can be played. Here are some good games that can be played at a wedding shower.

12 Games To Play At Wedding Showers


Guess The Bride (Bride Walk)

Bride walk entails the bride to wear an apron and walk around her guests. Guests will need to be paying attention to the bride as she walks around, as 20 to 30 different items will be pinned to her apron. Have her do this for about three minutes and then leave the room.


Guests are then instructed to write down things about the bride, not the apron. For example: what color is the bride's eyes, her apron, her shirt, her pants, her shoes, so on and so forth. By doing it this way, you catch the guests off hand by the change.


Tray Walk

Put together an assortment of items on a tray. They can be theme related items such as kitchen or career items. You don't even have to get specific. Cover the tray with some kind of sheet and bring it before the guests. For about a minute, uncover it and let each guest review it. Recover it and leave the room with the tray. Using pen and paper, have each guest write down what they saw. The one who gets the most correct wins the game.


Candy Bar Poetry

This game has many variations and can be played at wedding and baby showers. As hostess, gather several items related to the wedding and place them on a tray. Next, place a small blanket or towel over the items. Have guests break into groups.


One group at a time should see the tray contents, no longer 30 seconds. From the items they can remember on the tray, guests need to make up a poem with the bride and groom's first names. The group who can remember the most items in the poem wins the game.


Merry Go Yarn Around

You'll need to have a ball of yard (any color will do). Guests should cut themselves a piece of yarn (any length is fine). You don't want to let them know what it's for. Each person is to speak with another person in the room. As they do so, they need to wrap the yarn around a finger. Once this has been done, conversation complete or not, they need to move on to another person and begin the process over again.


Penny Game

Each guest should be given a handful of pennies. Going around the room, each guest will need to name something they have never done before. However, if a guest has done that something they will need to place a penny in a designated spot (hat, jar, table).


The one who still has the most pennies wins. This helps to break the ice for guests who do not know each other at all or guests who don't know each other well. Brides will learn all about her friends through this kind of game. Pennies are to be returned back the host.


Pin The Lips

This game is played like “Pin the tail on the donkey”. Enlarge a photo of the groom and put it on the wall. Give each guest a pair of paper lips with tape and have them tape it to the groom (or wherever they can). Yes, they do need to be blindfolded. The person closest to the groom's lips wins the game.


Familiarize Yourself

When guests don't know each other, it can be difficult to get the party going. In order to break the ice, have guests fill out a card with some “Getting to Know You” questions. For instance, are you related to the bride? If not, how do you know the bride? Do you have helpful tips for the bride to be?


Questions of this nature will do. Have about 10 questions for guest to fill out. Afterwards, have guests read theirs aloud. It's a fun game so be sure to reward prizes for responses that are funny or the best.

Feed The Hubby (with Cotton Balls)

One at a time, blindfold guests and sit them in front of two bowls. One bowl is empty; another is full of cotton balls. Using a serving spoon, have them transfer the cotton balls to the empty bowls. Cotton balls are so light that guests are unaware if they have any on their spoon.


Give them a time limit of 30 to 45 seconds to get as many as they can over to the bowl. (Before the game, test it out and see if the spoon you use allows the game to be too easy. If so, you may need a smaller spoon). If there seems to be tie, have a spoon off between the contestants.


The Shoe Game

You may get a “"kick" out of the Shoe Game and it's quick too. What you do is place one of your shoes in the middle of a big pile. As a hostess, you'll hand each guest a number they must not share with anyone else. The object of the game is for the hostess to call out a number and have the person make a mad dash to get their shoe. However, the trick is… every guest will have that number and each one will make a dash for her shoe at the same time.


Hideous Dresses

Do you have a dress you swore on your life you'd never wear again? Why not wear them to the bridal shower instead? On the invitation, have each guest bring their hideous dress to the party and wear itfor a time (if not for the entirety of the party) and give out prizes for dresses that meet certain requirements. Make sure you get the bride to be to wear her hideous dress too.


Another variation to hideous dresses, have guests wear or bring with them dresses from a previous wedding, prom, etc. (any event that might have formal wear) Guests will decorate the dresses with assorted materials such as block paper, tissue paper, etc. Have guests vote on several categories and choose which dress meets what category. It's important that three people are not included in the game as they will be the judges.


What Did She Say?

A funny little game called “"What did she say?" starts with the bride to be opening her presents and two people writing down exactly what she says, word for word. Afterward, each guest will say this line and this is what, insert bride's name here, will say on her wedding night, insert what she said. It's a great little game that will have some guests laughing, others just scratching their heads.


Six Unique Gifts For The Bride To Be

Many women love to get unique gifts from their friends especially on special occasions such as bridal and baby showers. Here some wonderful unique gift ideas you can get the bride to be.


Wishing Well

A bridal shower hostess should decorate a deep basket in wedding colors and ask each guest to bring one item to put into the “well”. Items such as notepads, staple remover, safety pins, etc. will do just fine. Make sure each guest writes down a wish for the bride and groom.


Words of Wisdom

One thing you can give a bride to be is words of wisdom. Have each guest write down the wisdom they wish to pass on to the bride to be but in a poem or song format. Make sure you place the information on the invitation so guests can think and write about it for some time before the party.  Give these to the bride to be.


Signed Tablecloth

If you can manage this before the party, have each guest sign their name and have it embroidered in the wedding colors. If you can't get this done, purchase a tablecloth and have each guest sign their name and put well wishes on it.


Wooden Cutting Board

One of the things a woman will use after she gets married is a cutting board. However, this cutting board is bound to be a bit more special and used only as decoration. Have guests sign their name (preferably before the day of the party) and send the board to someone who can solder the names onto the board permanently. Be sure the wedding date and the bride and groom's names are added onto the board as well. This is a cutting board that will be cherished for years to come.



Many cities have pottery stores that you can paint a piece of pottery in. At one of the pottery stores, have each guest paint a piece of pottery in wedding colors and hand them to the bride to be. She can display them all or keep them safe in a box. The biggest enjoyment out of it all is for her to have special memories.



Have one guest collect all the bows and ribbons from the bride to be as she opens her gifts. Afterwards, take the ribbons and place them on a paper plate and make it into some type of hat or bouquet for her to have.


Four Things To Help The Bride Out With Thank You Cards

There is so much a bride to be needs to do before her big day but the last thing she should be doing is chasing down who brought what gift to the bridal shower. As a hostess, you can help her out in four ways.


Thank You Notes

A bride wants to send out thank you notes to everybody for their thoughtful gifts but may not have time to do this right away. Help her out by purchasing thank you cards for her and have guests write down their address information on the card. That way all the bride to be will need to do is write her personal message and send the cards off. When you do this, there's little room for address errors.


Two-Fold Guestbook

A Guestbook can be a wonderful gift but also a wonderful way for the bride to be to remember what guest gave her what gift. On the guestbook, have guests write down well wishes for the couple along with their full names, addresses and phone numbers. You can also have specialized invitations created with a question like “How I met the bride or groom?” It's fun to see what guests said about the engaged couple.


Names/Addresses on Index Cards

Get a 4X6 index card so that guests can write down their personal information on it. On the back of it, have them write down a wedding wish for the couple. When this is done, the couple won't spend a lot of time tracking down need to know information to send off thank you notes and have well wishes too.


Two Lists and Compare

It's always important to write down what gifts the bride to be got and whom it came from. However, the information can get jumbled. It's important that more than one person is writing down this information. Afterwards, have the two people compare notes and see what they said about the gift. One person should write on an index card while another writes on the piece of paper.

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