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Wedding Shower Gift Basket


Want to shower that bride-to-be with gifts without breaking the bank? Show how you care with do-it-yourself gift basket -- personalized collections of fun items based around the same theme. Use some of our theme ideas or just use your imagination. What better way to make a gift as unique as the bride herself?

Think of the wedding day: what might she need to keep her cool and collected amidst the craziness? A wedding day planner can help her keep tabs on all the activity, while an aromatherapeutic bubble bath in a calming scent will help her from stressing.

Accessories for her hair and even a little emergency gown repair kit – with thread, needle, beads and pearls – are thoughtful items you wouldn’t want your bride to be without. And don’t forget to include a personalized note letting her know you’ll be there for her, wedding day or any day.

After the big day, there’s the big break: the honeymoon. Make sure the newly-married lady has what she needs for the trip itself, aside from her groom. If they are going to bask in the sun at a resort, make a tropical theme basket with sunscreen, a beach bag and something fun, like a big floppy hat or a hula skirt and coconut bra. If they’re planning to go exploring, books or maps about the destination are also thoughtful. No matter where they go, they’ll appreciate some snacks and games to keep them occupied while travelling.

Whatever you do, remember to keep your gifts rated PG, especially if family members or (eek!) the mother-in-law-to-be will be at the shower. Naughty nighties from her gal pals can wait till later!

Of course, married life is more than just the wedding day. Any new or soon-to-be wife would appreciate a culinary gift set, even if she’s already gotten that expensive cookery from her registry. Include a recipe book of her favorite cuisine, as well as dry ingredients she’ll need for some of the recipes.


Brides who like baked goods will appreciate a variety of bakeware, high-quality cocoa powder, spices and extracts, and even some cookie cutters. You can also include her favorite box mixes for cake or brownies to whip up when there’s no time to make her own.

If she prefers truffles to cakes, make up a candy-filled basket with a wedding theme. You can get personalized chocolate kisses, conversation hearts, red hots, and even a ring pop. Go to a local candy shop to see what kind chocolate designs you could order that would reflect the big day or even the bride and groom themselves. If you’re crafty or creative, make your own chocolates with molds from the craft store or fashion edible figurines out of marzipan. No doubt the bride will know all the thought and effort you put into making a gift just for her.

Finally, remind the bride-to-be to pamper herself with a collection of bath and body care items. Look for scented lotion, body wash or even bubble bath. Include candles she could light around the bathtub to set the mood. A massager for her back or feet, pedicure set, and body scrubber would round out the gift, letting her know you want her to feel her best for the big day and beyond.

Whatever theme you decide, remember to decorate your basket with ribbons, tissue or even balloons in the colors chosen for the wedding. Creating a unique, personalized gift for the lucky girl is a fun and inexpensive way to show her you care.

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