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Wild Bachelorette Party - Throwing One to Remember


While you can certainly throw a reserved and dignified bachelorette party, or even one with a wee bit of naughtiness, the truth is that most brides-to-be are looking to have quite the night out, dancing, drinking, and laughing with her closest friends – without inhibitions.

Most of the time, a bachelorette party will include the bride’s bridal party, other close friends and coworkers, and relatives.  Often the groom’s relatives will be included.  The setting can be the bride’s or a friend’s home, a restaurant, a rented space, a hotel or resort, or even an out-of-town
locale, such as a beach or campground (imagine the fun and craziness of a beach bonfire party!).

The most important element of a wild bachelorette party is MEN – since there won’t be any in the group, it gives all the ladies total license to objectify, ridicule, and disclose the best and the worst of the men in their lives, past, present, and fantasy.  You’ll want to plan naughty games that get everyone relaxed and laughing, like Dirty Hot Potato (pass around a dildo or other sex toy), Naughty Pictionary, and Pin the Macho on the Man. 

Once everyone’s warmed up, the male stripper or masseuse can be brought in to keep the party going.  Or, you can invite a sex expert to give an explicit (and hilarious) talk, go for a bar crawl, or hit the hottest club in town – anything goes, as long as the girls stick together and have fun. 
Another special way to spice up your wild bachelorette party is by setting a theme. 

You can choose a decade or a color and have everyone dress accordingly – sexy 70s disco, dark angels, whatever you think both the bride and her guests will enjoy and go for.  You can also bring in costumes as an activity for the party, like a scanty maid’s outfit.  Some women even arrange for paint-on costume artists to come to the party to “dress” the guests.  While you may not end up wearing it “out,” the photo opportunities are inspiring. 

Keep in mind that a wild bachelorette party normally includes consumption of a large quantity of alcohol.  It’s also usually a bummer to ask anyone in the group to be the designated driver, unless she really doesn’t drink.  For this reason, arrange for taxi transportation, rent a shuttle or limo with driver, or enlist an older family member who won’t be attending.  Don’t let an accident spoil the festivities of the party, and the upcoming union.

No matter what you do at your bachelorette party, all the ladies should give themselves permission to be bolder and sexier – and uninhibited – as ever.  That kind of attitude is what takes a good party and makes it great.

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