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Winter Bridal Shower


Winter weddings are becoming the fashion. More and more couples are choosing to forgo summertime gazebos and roses for the pristine beauty and crisp, sparkling glory of frosty winter nuptials. While there may be a chill in the air, romance warms the heart for wintertime wedding bells.

Wintertime bridal showers provide a cozy alternative to the hectic summer wedding season. And you can give the perfect bridal shower for the bride who dreams of a winter wonderland. A winter themed shower provides many unique options for creating an exciting theme and designing a setting that will meet the bride’s expectations.

In spite of the colder temperatures, winter makes the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable bridal shower, offering endless creative avenues for an impressive motif. When planning a shower for a winter bride, My Wedding Favors can help you create a dazzling party atmosphere.

A winter-themed bridal shower offers the chance to take advantage of a non-traditional color scheme. Start with a glittering color palate of white, silver and blues. Embellish tables with shimmering cloth or paper to add an icy effect; use mirrors, crystal or glass vases, glittering table confetti or artificial snowflakes to complete a wintry look. Try spray-painting dead tree branches white and use them in lieu of flowers for a centerpiece, or substitute a glowing candle to evoke the warmth and romance of a wintry evening.

To create the impression you’re inside a glacier or enchanted ice cave, white twinkle lights can add some extra sparkle to the room. If you’re holding the shower in someone’s home and you want to project a warmer atmosphere, a blazing fire in the fireplace can add a cheery ambiance. No matter where you hold the shower, soft instrumental music can lend a magical touch.

Once you’ve created the perfect winter wonderland for the bride and her guests to see, extend your preparations to food and games. Serving ice cream, specially made cookies or frosted desserts can add the perfect flavor to your winter theme. Rich coffees or cocoa, chocolates, and mints all make excellent winter bridal shower favors. So long as your menu is warm and filling, or cool and refreshing, you can’t go wrong. Use silver chargers and clear glass plates for a more formal place setting. Clear plastic or blue paper plates for more casual gatherings also work well.

Be sure to plan ahead for entertaining the bride-to-be and her quests. Keep the party spirit lively with themed games like Pin the Nose on The Snowman and traditional wedding games such as a trivia game based on facts about the bride. Playing games enhances the party experience and helps create lasting memories for the bride and guests. When preparing the games, make sure you have enough materials for all the guests and suitable prizes for the winners.

Remember, the key to having a successful winter wedding shower is to remember that, though it may be cold outside, things should always be warm and cozy inside.

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