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Your Garden Theme Shower


The bride strolls down the aisle in her designer gown adorned with lace and wildflowers, her father by her side with a prideful tear in his eye. The church is beautifully decorated, and the crowd is anxious with the excitement of hearing those two important words: I do.

And you have the joy of knowing you gave her a very special gift for this occasion…the perfect bridal shower!

Okay, now that I’ve piled on the pressure, you should know one thing. This may be a very important and nerve racking experience for most, but you can make it a fun and memorable day for all…including yourself!

First things first. Talk with the bride to be. It’s her big day, after all, so it’s important to find out some of her favorites. Flowers, foods, drinks, colors…these are all important details that will make this day even more special for her. However, don’t make it an inquisition. She has enough on her mind without feeling the burden of planning the shower. Keep it simple, perhaps over lunch or drinks.

And, most important, make her feel confident that you will have everything, from planning to the budget, under control.

Next, you need to learn one word: teamwork. An organized event will be low-stress and high-fun. Track down several people that you trust to follow through on tasks, and assign each one a different job. Having each them report to you on the progress of their “mission” will give you the opportunity to supervise as well as handle your own tasks.

Now the $64,000 question: What theme will you use for the party. There are so many to choose from, but one of the most popular, and fun, is the garden theme. Plenty of fresh flowers and plants, woodsy decorations and exotic colors will make this shower unforgettable!

You’ve already finished the hard part; interviewing the bride and finding out her favorite flowers and colors. Now you have all the info you need to give this a personalized touch and make the bride feel special.

It’s time to have fun and get creative. Make simple yet elegant centerpieces from her favorite flowers.

Use flower pots and other plants to decorate every corner, shelf and mantel in the room. Try to decorate every room the guest will visit, including the kitchen, dining room, living room…and even the little girl‘s room! Make it an adventure to step into any room in the house.

You also know the bride’s favorite colors from the interview, so use them in your scheme, as well. Ribbons, tablecloths and napkins are all part of the decorating process, so use her color selections, as well as plenty of pastels to give that “garden feel.”

You’ve decorated with beautiful flowers and amazing colors, created fantastic centerpieces, and made sure every room felt like a garden on a summer day. Please don’t make the major mistake of going “cheap” on glasses, plates and flatware. Disposable always says cheesy. If you don’t have nice glassware or flatware, find a way to get some, just for this one day. It will truly add to the occasion.

As you plan the menu, it’s important to remember not to draw attention from the bride. Fancy is nice, but overboard is bad. Make it simple by offering several appetizers and perhaps several more “light” main dishes to keep the guests happy. Of course, a cake is expected, as well as a nice pastry or two. And, if you want to kick it up a notch, make some cookies or pastries that go along with your garden/flower theme.

Punch, iced tea and water are great staples for the perfect shower. Feel free to get creative with the presentation…edible flowers are always a nice touch when placed in the punch bowl. Also, champagne is also a fun way to begin, or end, the meal.

If your bride enjoys party games, the garden theme is perfect for that. Everyone will enjoy creative games that involve flowers and plants, and will absolutely love receiving garden-themed gifts. Make sure that the party favors are fun, as well. Something, such as notions with seeds that the guests can take home and plant, will have them remembering this special day for months, and perhaps years, to come!

The most important thing to remember when planning your garden-themed shower is to keep it organized and simple, and to be as creative as possible. It will be the best, and most memorable, gift the bride will receive.

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